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Message about Thoughts and Feelings:
The Bow and the Arrow

We live immersed in the sea of all mankind's thoughts - the so called "collective mind". Most of the time you absorb these thoughts, accept them, give them power (nourishing them with your feelings) and send them forward. At every moment you are responsible for your thoughts and feelings, because you contribute to improve or worsen the quality of "collective thought".

It is a mistake to believe that thoughts are invisible and that they get dissolved in the infinite. Whatever you think is registered in you physical body, in the furniture, in the walls of your house, in the atmosphere of your world, in the relationships and in the works you produce.

You are now the result of what you have thought until today.

A ancient proverb says: "add Love into the bread you mash; wrap Power and Courage to the package that you bind for the woman with a tired face; put Trust in the money that you pay to the man with suspicious eyes".

Bad thoughts and feelings cause damage so to the thinker as for the others, being the origin of many diseases.

Previously, only the psychic diseases were linked to imperfect thoughts and feelings, but it is already time to perceive that various physical diseases were born out of uncontrolled thoughts and feelings. Not only the heart ones! Many of stomach and skin are the consequences of destructive thoughts and feelings.

Every evil thought and feeling move us faraway from our Spiritual Sun, the Christ, the source of our life and immunity. Whenever we walk away from God, we become fertile fields to all kinds of diseases.

What makes a human being more developed than other is that one of them better controls his/her thoughts and feelings and the uses them consciously.

For you to attain this control, the first step is to establish the observer of yourself. This silent watcher inside you will right away help you distinguish between bad and good thoughts.

You'll discover that health, living together and everything that surrounds us results from the quality of our feelings and thoughts. Only then you can get rid of the victim's role and attain the consciousness of being the Responsible Creator.

At first, this observer can be visualized as an eye within your head (the third eye), feeling it as the All-seeing Eye, the Vision of God within you, the Perfect Thinker.

The mind is similar to a radio receiver where we can choose the stations, ie, the kinds of thoughts we want to syntonize. Choose then the best station: The Mind of God!

The great masters of music, art, literature, the greatest thinkers, were just people that dared to aspire for a perfect tuning with the Mind of God. They then carried out works that have contributed and contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Thought is the arrow. The feeling, the bow that propels it. Let us be conscious archers and, with full concentration, let us aim at the only valuable target: the Mind of God.

All shapes hide a quality, a message, a teaching. The Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides Ellis) is a native being from ancient Persia which brings with it a symbolism, a very important message for each one of us, at this moment.

Look at the Gardenia flower and become like it, because it is the purity transmitted through the whiteness of its petals, which also emanates inoffensiveness, regeneration, peace, dignity and elegance. From its center, the gardenia flower exhales a wonderful perfume, which are its thoughts and feelings, blessing all creation, all that exists.

The Gardenia floral essence is obtained as follows: at sunrise, crop a perfect flower widely opened. You should immerse it in a liter of pure water, in a transparent glass vessel. Leave it under the sun light for the whole day. At sunset it will be ready to be drunk. The dose will be found by means of one's personal observation criterion.

This essence facilitates the tuning of our mind with the Mind of our internal God, the source of all beauty, harmony, purity, perfection, creativity and it provides you with a new birth, regeneration and betterment of your self-esteem.

The word jasmine means "to exhale the beauty and the perfection that lies in myself". Let us be jasmines and let us live with the following thought: I Am the perfect creating thought and feeling that lives in the minds and hearts of everyone, everywhere.

This site is being translated. We apologize for mistakes.

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