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Papaya, an accessible treasure

Papaya (Carica papaya), from Tropical America, is one of the best fruits in the world, not only for its nutritious value but also for its medicinal power.

All parts of this plant are precious, beginning with its trunk! Out of its internal part, a pulp is taken away which -- after being grated and dried -- becomes similar to scraped coconut pulp. It is rich in nutritious properties and it is used in some places to prepare delicious rapaduras.

Cooking its roots produces a tonic beverage for the nervous system which is also a remedy for the kidney hemorrhage.

The leaves of the papaya tree, after been dried under a shade, can be used to prepare a pleasant digestive tea that can be given freely to children, as it is caffeine-free.

The milk-like juice obtained from its leaves is the most energetic worm-killer known. It is used dissolved in water. It is also a digestive substance and it heals wounds. In many places, popular medicine uses it to heal eczema, warts and ulcers.

Indians treat meat wrapping it with leaves of papaya trees during a few hours, before cooking it. This process sleeks the meat.

With flowers of the male papaya tree one can prepare wonderful syrup which is used to treat raucousness, cough, bronchitis, influenza and stomach discomfort caused by colds.

A handful of flowers are put, together with honey, in a heat-resistant basin that must not be made of aluminum. A glass of boiling water is poured in it and the basin is well covered. After the mixture cools down, one should take it with a spoon, every hour.

Using its green fruit one can prepare a delicious sweet. It can also be prepared as a soup or using white sauce. It is a dainty!

Ripe papaya:

  • is highly digestive (each gram of papain -- a soluble yeast existing in it -- digests 200 grams of protein)
  • has more vitamin C than orange or lemon:
  • contributes to the acid-base balance of the body
  • is diuretic, emollient, laxative and is a refreshing fruit;
  • heals chronic constipation
  • when eaten in the morning, before eating any food, is beneficial to the stomach
  • is efficient against diabetes, asthma and jaundice
  • is a good blood cleanser
  • cannot lack in an infant's diet, as it favors growing

After eating papaya, you can rub the internal part of its bark on your skin to dissolve stains, to soften hard skin and to eliminate wrinkles.

Chewing from 10 to 15 fresh seeds eliminates intestinal worms, regenerates the liver and cleanses the stomach. If eaten in large amounts, they can heal cancer and tuberculosis.

Not to miss that using any part of this plant causes a powerful worm-killing effect, what should be enough to stress its importance.

Better than eating fruits bought at the supermarket (harvested while they are still green and forced to ripe) is to collect them when are ripened on the tree, in your own backyard, because -- besides this aspect -- they will be free from agrotoxics.

They can grow well within a very small area. They need good and well fertilized soil. For example, a soil enriched with kitchen rubbish or a "Mouth of Land".

Then... what are you still waiting to plant and to harvest your papayas?

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